Recover Deleted Emails in Microsoft Office Outlook

Sometimes we end up deleting important emails. Especially in the software industry where all the communication is through emails, it is very essential that we do not delete any official emails. Have you deleted any important emails? Want to restore deleted email in microsoft outlook?
Here you go.
Follow these simple steps for recovering deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook:
1. Go To Start -> Run and Type regedit
2. Locate the following registry location using the left navigation pane in the Registry Editor window:
3. Right click options and add new DWORD Value (data type is REG_DWORD) and then right click and rename to DumpsterAlwaysOn. It is case sensitive.
4. Then right click and modify and make the value 1 to turn the Recover Deleted Items menu choice on for all folders or enter 0 to turn it off.
5. Then go to Outlook, choose Recover deleted items option from the Tools Menu to get back your permanently deleted mails 🙂
Note: This procedure can recover mails which were deleted by pressing Shift + Del in the past 30 days.

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