Error – The path is not valid. The path must confirm to Uniform Naming Conventions (UNC) format.

Recently I was working on Standard Subscriptions feature of SSRS, which is a really great feature in SSRS.
There are basically two types of Subscriptions – Standard and Data-Driven Subscriptions.  Each of these Subscription types offer delivery options like Delivery via E-Mail, Delivery to a specified location on the File System etc. These Subscriptions also offer various rendering/delivery formats like Excel, PDF etc. Basically all the exporting formats that are available in Report Server/Manager. However getting into the details of Subscriptions is out of scope of this article. More information on this topic can be found on msdn at the following location:
Today I was working on Subscription with Windows File Share/File System delivery option. While configuring this option, we need to specify the location to which the report need to be delivered/saved on the file system. I gave the location for delivery as a local drive on my personal computer.
When I gave the local path as “F:\Datta\MyTechnoBook – Files\” and got an error as
The path is not valid. The path must confirm to Uniform Naming Conventions (UNC) format.
This error indicates that the path should be provided in the form of Uniform Naming Conventions (UNC) format. Or in simple terms we need to provide the path in the format of Shared Drive as follows:
When I gave the location as “\\SINDOL\F$\Datta\MyTechnoBook – Files\” it solved the error.
Hope you find this article helps! If yes then do leave your comments 🙂

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