Zoom Query Surface in SSMS in Denali CTP1 – Usability Enhancements in SSMS in SQL Server code-named Denali – Part 1

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) in Denali (CTP1) has got a makeover and is now based on Visual Studio 2010 Shell. This will enable us to utilize lot of great features available in Visual Studio like Improved Intellisense, Dragging Query/Code Window to a different monitor etc.
Below is a normal query window with Normal or 100% Zooming.
As you can see there is an option at the Left Bottom Corner to Zoom the Query/Design Surface. Now if we change the Zoom Level to 150% then the Query Window looks something like the one shown below.
As you can see now when we changed the Zoom Level to 150%, we are getting bigger font for our query there by giving us an experience similar to having a bigger size desktop/monitor.
Also, note that the Zoom Level is applied only to the Query/Design Surface and is not applied to any other areas like Results Pane, Object Explorer etc.
There are many more such cool features introduced in Denali CTP1. So stay tuned to learn more new things about Denali CTP1.

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