Formatting Date and Time in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports

Formatting Date and Time in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a very common need. And in some cases customers look for a very specific format, so it is important to understand the basic components of date and time formats.
SSRS offers many in-built Date and Time formats. Below are some of the in-built Date formats available in SSRS:
Below are some of the in-built Time formats available in SSRS:
However, sometimes customers need a different format which is not available using SSRS UI (In-built). For example let us say that customers want the Date and Time to be formatted as shown below.
09-Feb-2011 10:47:40 PM (GMT+05:30)
To address this kind of requirements, we need to understand the various formatting codes/strings that are supported in SSRS. Below is a list of various format codes available in SSRS.
Format Code Description Example
d Single Digit Date Format 9
dd Double Digit Date Format 09
ddd or dddd Full Day Name Wednesday
M Single Digit Month Format 2
MM Double Digit Month Format 02
MMM Three Character Month Name Feb
MMMM Full Month Name February
yy Double Digit Year Format 11
yyyy Four Digit Year Format 2011
H Single Digit “24 Hour” Hour Format 6
HH Double Digit “24 Hour” Hour Format 06
m Single Digit Minute Format 9
mm Double Digit Minute Format 09
s Single Digit Second Format 4
ss Double Digit Second Format 04
tt ante meridian (AM)/post meridian (PM) part of Time PM
zzz Time Zone Offset w.r.t. GMT +05:30
With reference to the format codes given in the above table, please note the following:
  • Format codes are case-sensitive in most cases. Like m represents Minutes and M represents Month.
  • Format codes can be combined using some meaningful characters like “-“, “,” etc. to customize the Date and Time display.

Below is a sample report which displays various combinations of Date and Time values.

The .rdl file for the demo report in the above screenshot can be downloaded from my SkyDrive here.

Note: This demo is based on SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services.

Following are some of the most popular articles related to formatting in SSRS:

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  1. Good post! Saved my day!

  2. One of the most commonly used formats doesn't seem to work anymore on 2008 R2.The ISO standard of –> "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"Curious if I'm the only one who has experienced or noticed this….

  3. Nevermind. ISO standard works just fine.

  4. how to format the date and time and creating reports in sql

  5. Realy Goood. Thnx So much!!

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