Videos for Learning Microsoft BI

When it comes to learning a new tool/technology, I have seen people working on other technologies especially the ones who are new to the technology, often struggle to find proper resources to learn or to get up to speed on their respective tool/technology.
Fortunately this is not the case with Microsoft BI (In general any Microsoft technologies). Especially with more and more organizations adopting Microsoft technologies and with the contributions made by a lot of people to the fast growing Microsoft BI community, there is a lot of useful content/resources (Websites/Blogs/Articles/Videos/Podcasts) available online for learning Microsoft BI. This content not only includes the basics of the technology, but also a lot of advanced concepts are included as well.
Below are some of the links to videos related to Microsoft BI. And the best part is, most them are free 🙂
  • Learning/Training
  • Community Events
  • In my experience, I have not come across any other products (Non-Microsoft) having as good documentation as that of Microsoft BI (SQL Server BI) on SQL Server Books Online. Also, the support offered by Microsoft and the community through msdn forums is excellent.
    If you know of any other video content worth sharing with the community, leave a comment below with the URL and I will update the above list.
    Happy Learning !!!

    About Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)

    Datta is a Microsoft BI Enthusiast, passionate developer, and a blogger. View Full Profile

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