Stop Sharing a Folder in Windows 7

Sharing contents on a computer is a common thing and each one of us share the stuffs on our computers (connected to network) for others to access. And sometimes, the computer’s share becomes cluttered due to huge number of folders being shared and might require a cleanup (stop sharing some of the folders).
I have been sharing project related folders with other team members for various purposes. At times, after their use, I used to remove the sharing, and at other times, the folder used to remain shared. Last day when I saw my own computer’s share, I noticed that, a lot of folders were shared (Present in the path \\<<computername>>\) and when I wanted to stop sharing some of the old folders which are no more needed by others, I could not remember the exact location of those folders within my computer’s file system. Example: Say I have a folder called “201012” shared with others and that folder is present in “D:\Datta\LearningAndDevelopment\SQLTraining\”. However, in my scenario, I could not remember where the “201012” shared folder was located on my computer. After playing around with some of the options, I found an option to remove the folder from sharing without knowing the original location of the folder. Follow the below steps to remove the folder from sharing.
1. Go to computer share (\\<<ComputerName>>\)
2. Right Click on the folder which you want to stop sharing and Select Properties from the context menu.

3. In the Properties window, Select Sharing tab and then Click on Advanced Sharing…, which will open the Advanced Sharing window.

4. In the Advanced Sharing window, uncheck the Share this folder checkbox, which is selected/checked for the folders which are shared.

5. After unchecking the Share this folder option, click on Apply, click on OK and that’s it ! Your folder is no more shared with others.

Removing a folder from a computer’s network share is as simple as that 🙂


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