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Get First Hand Experience with Power View (Previously Crescent) using Live Sandbox

As most of you are aware, Microsoft BI (SQL Server BI) is getting stronger and better after each release and is one of the top BI products in the market and also the most widely hosted in house database server.
Those of you, who are tracking the Denali release closely, must be aware of a band new product from Microsoft called “Crescent“, which is a Self Service BI Tool. This has been renamed as “Power View” as part of the SQL Server 2012 RC0 release.
Power View installation/setup requires SharePoint as well, which not everyone in the community might have it at their disposal, but still every Microsoft BI enthusiast wants to get a first-hand experience with the latest tools/features of Microsoft BI. If you are one among them, then you can play with existing reports or create new reports using Power View on the Live Sandbox.
Here are few additional resources on Power View:
Happy Power Viewing 🙂

Excellent Video Tutorials on C# Fundamentals for Beginners

While I was browsing through the videos on Channel 9, I came across a nice video series explaining the fundamentals of C# development. If you are completely new to C# and want to start learning the language, this is one of the best video series which explains right from the very basic concepts.

Happy New Year 2012

Here we come at the beginning of another exciting New Year 🙂
Wishing You All a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012 !!
Have a Exciting, Fun Filled and a Fruitful Year Ahead !!
Looking forward to an exciting new year ahead, with a great experience, learning, sharing, networking and lot more. I plan to make this year more meaningful with following resolutions from a Professional, Career, and a Personality Development standpoint:
  • Certifications: Take up couple of certifications
  • Blogging: Blog more frequently on this blog
  • Community Contribution: Participate in other community sites and forums with increased participation and contribution
  • Training: Deliver more trainings/sessions
  • Weight Loss: Lose some weight (Haven’t been so successful at this due to my food loving nature 😦)