Happy B’day to Me :)

Here comes another b’day of mine!! I just felt like I celebrated my last b’day just a couple months ago 🙂 Time is moving so fast and so is the world.

B’day reminds me of my childhood days (especially when I was in primary school) when I used to get new clothes for my b’day atleast a week or two in advance, pester my parents to buy me good chocolates 😉 which I can distribute to all my friends and teachers in school and so on.

I still remember the Parle Kismi chocolates, which my parents used to buy me about half a kilogram or so, which I used to distribute to all my friends, teachers etc. in school and ofcouse, I would let my very close friends take two chocolates 😉 including teachers also 😉

On b’day like other kids, I used to go in new color dress (not the regular boring uniform), so people can easily make out it’s my b’day. The best part was, on b’day one could take any number of excuses like no scoldings or beatings for making noise, not doing homework and what not 😛

Those were the best day of my life!!

So here’s wishing myself a Very Happy B’day!! May God bless me with good health and lots of fun and happiness!! May I have a wonderful and successful year ahead!!

Will try my best to do more and more knowledge sharing in this year, share my learnings and learn from others learnings 🙂


About Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)

Datta is a Microsoft BI Enthusiast, passionate developer, and a blogger. View Full Profile

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