Tips ‘N’ Tricks – Windows – Work in a Full Screen Remote Desktop Connection

We often use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) for connecting to Remote Servers for various activities like Development, Testing, Deployments etc. so that we can work on multiple servers from one physical location irrespective of the physical locations of the servers to which we connect. People also refer to this in short as RDC/RDP/TS (Terminal Services Connection) etc.
By default, you get a smaller window within which you get to see/work with the remote computer/server. However, you can easily make it into a full screen window using the following simple steps.
  • Click on Start -> Run 
  • Type “mstsc” and click “OK“. This will open the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box.
  • Click on “Options>>” in the right bottom corner of this dialog box.
  • Click on the “Display” tab.
  • In the Display tab adjust the pointer towards “Less” to reduce the size of the RDC window and towards “More” to increase the size of the RDC window. Keeping it at “More” will open a Full Screen window so that the user can exclusively work in the remote desktop/server and can navigate between the windows in the RDC connection using “ALT + TAB“.
  • Click on “Connect” and enter the credentials and hit Enter to connect to the remote desktop/server.

Now enjoy a dedicated Full Screen Window/Console for your Remote Desktop Connection.

Reference: How to make Remote Desktop Connection Full Screen

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