SQL Server – SQL Live Monitor – Free Tool from CodePlex to View Real-time Performance Data on a SQL Server Instance

One of my friends asked me if there are any tools available for monitoring the performance of a Remote SQL Server and he was looking for preferably a Free Tool :). While browsing the web, I just came across this nice little tool on CodePlex called SQL Live Monitor. It’s an awesome tool and provides a wealth of real-time performance information about Target SQL Server Instance.

Here are some of the highlights of this tool:

  • No installation required
  • Offers Real-time SQL Server Performance Data
  • Detailed View of various details from DMVs
  • List of Expensive Queries based on CPU, IO, and Execution Count
  • Supports SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008
  • Supports Local & Remote instances and Default & Named instances
  • Supports SQL and Windows Authentication
  • Supports running multiple instances of this tool on the same computer
  • Supports both x86 and x64

Apart from the above listed features, there are various other useful features.

Below screenshot shows the how the tool looks like with lot of useful information.

SQL Live Monitor - Dashboard

Also note that, there are hyperlinks (in bold) which will provide more detailed information about that specific aspect in a separate window as shown in the below screenshots. Following screenshot shows Top 20 Expensive Queries based on CPU. On similar lines, we can get Top 20 Expensive Queries based on IO and Execution Count.

SQL Live Monitor - Top 20 Expensive Queries

Following screenshot shows Detailed TempDB Information.

SQL Live Monitor - Detailed TempDB Information

Surely a nice and handy tool to view the performance data in any instance of SQL Server. What tools do you use to monitor SQL Server Instance (s)?

Download SQL Live Monitor


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