Tips ‘N’ Tricks – Windows – Split Screens to View Two Active Windows Side-by-Side in Windows 7

This is one of my favorite feature in Windows 7. The feature of Split Screens allows us to easily resize two windows (Two Active Windows, from a Viewing Standpoint, at any given point in time).

To split two windows follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Bring up the first screen which needs to be part of Split Screens.
  • Press Windows + Left Arrow – This will Split the screen to 50% in width and positions it to the left of your screen.
  • Bring up the second screen which needs to be part of Split Screens.
  • Press Windows + Right Arrow – This will Split the screen to 50% in width and positions to the right of your screen.

In the below screenshot, SSMS/SSDT has been placed to the left (by pressing Windows + Left Arrow) and Microsoft Lync has been placed on the right (by pressing Windows + Right Arrow).

Split Screens In Windows 7

This is a very handy tip and I use it very often especially in scenarios like if I am chatting with someone on IM, then I can position my Microsoft Lync window on right and continue to work in my left window and keep an eye on what the folks on the conversation window are typing and if my attention/intervention/response is required in that conversation. This is very useful especially when you are in a conversation with multiple folks where your intervention might be required in the conversation once in a while and not every time.

If I don’t use this feature, what happens is that whenever anyone types something in Microsoft Lync (when Lync is minimized and I am working on some other active window), then it blinks to indicate that someone has typed something. But I would not know whether that requires my attention/response/intervention or not, unless I open it and see what has been typed.

What is your favorite Windows 7 Feature? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂

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