Reviewing My Resolutions at the End of 6 Months of the Year 2012 (2nd Calendar Quarter)

It’s again time to review my resolutions, that I had made in the beginning of this year 2012, after completion of 6 months (2 Calendar Quarters). I had reviewed my resolutions last time, at the end of 1st calendar quarter, and pretty much everything was on track except for blogging. Let’s see how it looks like this time.

Certifications – On Track

In the beginning of the year, I had planned to take a couple of certifications, and specifically wanted to complete MCITP in SQL Server 2008 BI. In the first quarter of this year, I had completed MCTS 70-448 exam. In the second quarter, I took the next certification 70-452. So I am an MCITP now 🙂 Based on my experience, following two books are the key to 70-452 exam:

So things are on track and I might take one or two certifications related to SQL Server 2012 by the end of this year, depending on how soon I get to work on a real-time project involving SQL Server 2012. For now, I think I am good 🙂

Blogging – On Track

In the first quarter of this year, blogging was not on track and I was not posting as frequently as I actually wanted to. In the 2nd quarter, there was a lot of improvement in terms of blogging and I blogged pretty much as per my plan and most importantly, I got my own domain and migrated my blog from, which brings me closer to my dream about online presence and I am really excited. Overall, I did a good amount of blogging and posted about 50 articles which includes postings on this blog (April | May | June) as well as on other community sites (MSSQLTips | JustLearned @ BeyondRelational).

It gives me a great satisfaction in contributing to the community in different ways, one of them being blogging. I request you all, readers of my blog, to share your valuable feedback about my articles and do let me know your thoughts, so that I can post content which can be beneficial for more and more people. I plan to post as frequently as possible in the coming days as well.

Community Contributions – On Track

I have been trying to keep myself as active as possible on the TechNet forums, but to be honest, I haven’t been able to remain as active as I wanted to. Will surely try to be more active in the coming days. Below is a snapshot of my Profile/Statistics on TechNet Forums as of 1st January 2012, 31st March 2012, and 30th June 2012 respectively.

MSDN Forums Activity as of 1st January 2012 

MSDN Forums Activity as of 31st March 2012 

MSDN Forums Activity as of 30th June 2012

Training – On Track

Coming to Trainings and Sessions, I have been pretty active in that area, and I have been doing them pretty regularly and things are pretty much on track on this front as well. Plan to do more trainings/sessions in the coming days and help more and more people to get on-boarded to SQL Server BI Platform.

Weight Loss – On Track

This has been one of my important areas of focus, and I have been pretty successful on this front. In the last quarter, there was neither any increase in weight nor any loss, so I would still say I am on Track 🙂 I am gonna try hard and lose some more weight by the end of this year.


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  1. way to go!!!, All the very best Datta.

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