Forgot to add attachment in your email? Don’t worry! Gmail reminds you of that :-)

Last day I was sending an email to one of my friends and it was supposed to contain an attachment and I wrote in the email body something like “Attached is the…”. But I forgot to attach the document which I had planned to attach. To my surprise, Gmail read the word Attached in my email and right away gave a warning asking if I am missing an attachment 🙂

Missing Attachment Warning in Gmail

I liked this cool feature which can help us avoid missing attachments in emails 🙂


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  1. very cool! I heard outlook 2013 preview had that feature too – very useful!

  2. Goutam Sirigeri

    I like the feature, but at the sametime I’m worried as Google is reading my mails

    • Hi Goutam,

      I guess as long as it is not misused, it is fine. I guess in any case, Gmail (not sure but I guess any free email service provider) might be reading our email’s content and using it (with due consideration to our privacy) to optimize user experience. For instance, in Gmail you can see ads being displayed on top of our email list, which ultimately are displayed based on relevance (our email content).

      If your concern is about Gmail reading your emails, then you might be interested in this news: Google to include people’s Gmail in search results

      Best Regards,

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