PowerPivot – Importing Data from Different Data Sources into PowerPivot for Excel

As part of this series on PowerPivot, this is the next article which talks about importing data into PowerPivot. In this article, I will cover the following concepts:

  • List of Data Sources Supported by PowerPivot
  • Importing data from SQL Server directly from Table
  • Importing data from SQL Server using SQL Query
  • Importing data from CSV file (same for Excel file)
  • Using Existing Connection (s) to import data into PowerPivot
  • Creating and Managing Relationships between PowerPivot Tables
  • Modifying the Column Names in a Table
  • Visualize PowerPivot Tables in Grid View and Diagram View

Read the following articles before proceeding with this article:

To read the full article, go to this link: Importing Data from Multiple Data Sources into PowerPivot for Excel.

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