Querying SQL Server Index Statistics

Indexes are a great way to improve the performance of queries. However, they require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure that the system continues to function smoothly. If indexes are not monitored regularly and appropriate action is not taken then it can have a negative impact on the system’s performance. Fortunately SQL Server has a feature which makes it easy for us to monitor the indexes and do some analysis on their utilization. In this tip we will take a look at querying Dynamic Management Views (DMVs), Dynamic Management Functions (DMFs), System Tables, and Catalog Views etc. to get the following statistics related to indexes in SQL Server:

  • Query to Get Existing Index Information
  • Query to Get Existing Index Physical Statistics
  • Query to Get Existing Index Usage Statistics
  • Query to Get Missing Index Information
  • Query to Get Unused Index Information

To continue reading, catch the full article here: Querying SQL Server Index Statistics.

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