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Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)

Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)

I am Dattatrey Sindol (Friends, Colleagues, and Near and Dear ones call me “Datta”). I have about 10 years of experience in the IT industry and have been working in Microsoft Data Analytics space right from the beginning of my career.

Currently I am working at Happiest Minds Technologies, in Bangalore, as Associate Architect primarily focused on SQL Server BI, Microsoft Azure, Cortana Intelligence Suite, and Power BI among other similar technologies within the Microsoft Data Analytics Space. Apart from my day job, I do quite a few other things at the organization level like delivering training, sessions, mentoring, knowledge sharing, competency building etc. on the Microsoft Data Analytics. I am a great fan of SQL Server and love working on SQL Server.

Like most people in the IT industry, I was also put into SQL Server BI in my first job and it was pretty much on-the-job learning, which is quite common in the industry. I have learnt a lot of things with the help of online resources like websites, blogs, videos, tutorials etc., which helped me to accomplish my task at hand and also to solve the problems faced. Since that time, I wanted to do something for the community which has helped me a lot in learning Microsoft BI and become a person that I am today. This blog is the techno-personal platform which I chose to give back to the community as much as possible on the Microsoft Technologies and also this is the place which I use to express my views and to write things about me, my experiences, and any other things which interests me.

I still continue to go through those online resources, which helps me in staying up to date, resolving the issues, learn from the issues faced by others, and a lot more.

Apart from this blog, I contribute to a couple of other communities like MSSQLTips.com, TechNet, and BeyondRelational.com etc.

Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn or Twitter (At the time of sending connect request, please provide a quick one liner on how you know me, so that it will help me in controlling spam / fake connect requests :-))

Disclaimer: This blog is my own space and the opinions / views expressed here are my own and do not represent the opinions / views of my employer (past and present employers) or any other individual in any way.