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  1. Transact-SQL: Combining SELECT INTO and UNION ALL in T-SQL
  2. Transact-SQL: Select a Random Record from a Table
  3. Transact-SQL: Online Tools for Formatting T-SQL Queries
  4. Transact-SQL: Schema name is not mandatory while querying Compatibility Views and mandatory while querying Catalog Views
  5. Transact-SQL: 3 part naming Cannot be used when dropping Views, Functions or Procedures
  6. SQL Azure: GETDATE() and GETUTCDATE() produce the same output on SQL Azure Database
  7. SSIS: SSIS Allows Creating Tasks with Same Name in Different Scopes
  8. SSIS: Text Inside the SSIS Expressions is also Case Sensitive
  9. SSMS: Quickest way to SELECT All Columns from a Table
  10. SSMS: Easy way to Learn Keyboard Shortcuts in SSMS by Enabling ScreenTips
  11. SSMS: Specifying Port Number in SSMS while Connecting to Remote SQL Server
  12. TFS: Always Check-Out the Latest Version of Code from TFS
  13. Internet ExplorerClick the scroll wheel to open a link in a new tab
  14. Windows: Starting & Stopping SQL Server & Related Services from Command Prompt
  15. Windows: Shortcut to View the Properties of a File or Folder in Windows

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