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  1. Venkata Babu Mannepalli


    I saw your articles. It’s really useful to update basics and advanced concepts. I hope you are best person to guide me.

    I am working on Microsoft.NET technologies and presently I am working on specific on ASP.NET MVC side.

    I would like to shift my career to SQLServer BI side. Could you please provide the approach / path. Is it correct decision to move to SQLServer BI side?

    • Hi Venkat,

      Thanks for the kind words! Sorry about the delayed response. I am currently on travel to client’s place, and hence the delay.
      If you want to learn SQL Server BI, I would suggest that you start learning the basics (First get the basics in all the areas of SQL Server BI, and then dig deeper in each of the areas to gain mastery) in the following sequence:
      1. Data Warehousing Concepts (Best Book: “Data Warehousing Life Cycle Toolkit by Ralph Kimbal”)
      2. SQL Server (Architecture and it’s various components/offerings)
      3. Database Engine
      4. Transact-SQL
      5. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
      6. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
      7. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

      I have written a post in the past on some of the suggested books for learning SQL Server BI. You can read it here:

      As far as the decision to shift to BI is concerned, it’s more of an individual’s decision based on where you want to go. However, as a BI lover, I always welcome people to the BI world. BI is a great space and there are lots of opportunities for good BI resources in the market. Also, by learning BI, you will have one more competency under your belt, which is a good thing. I would say that BI and .NET is a great combination (if you add SharePoint to it, it’s the best combination).

      Hope that helps!
      Happy Learning!

  2. I am impressed with experiences you share as they really helps alot. I am also Starting my career with SSIS. So can you write something for SSIS on my website – . It willl really help us alot. Looking for your posite response. Please mail what you think on this, i will really appreciate your time

  3. Datta,
    I am currently trying out your tips and tricks on displaying Columns Dynamically. When I try to insert this code :
    When I try to install this code using SSRS 2008 I get an error when I run this report on the column that is dynamic.

    Add the following expression in the “Sales Amount” column header.

    Add the following expression in the “Sales Amount” column value/detail.


    Could you walk me through exactly where this code should be installed? I believe I did what you suggested here but when I run the report, I get #Error in the Sales Amount column (the dynamic column).

    • Hi puanani,

      Can you please check the following things in your report?
      1. What are the values available in the “DisplayField” parameter
      2. Do you have fields corresponding to all the values in the “DisplayField” parameter.
      3. Whether your “DisplayField” parameter is single select or multi-select. Note that, this method requires that the parameter is single select.

      Best Regards,
      Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)

  4. Hi Datta,

    Can you please let me know some tips and trick to optimize stored procedure and also can improve the performance or what are the step to be taken to optimize SP.


  5. Gaurav Gupta

    Hi Datta,

    Can you please let me know some tips and trick to optimize stored procedure and also can improve the performance or what are the step to be taken to optimize SP.


  6. Hi Datta,

    I am yokesh and I did B.E(CSE). I did my academic project in hadoop and I spent 6 months to learn and do. But As a fresher, I cant enter into BI / hadoop field. Can you please suggest/offer any job related with this?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Yokesh NK

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